W-SV Grundstücks-Verwaltungs GmbH

W-SV Grundstücks-Verwaltungs GmbH

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Others, Building Constructions, Building Consultancy, Realty Management

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W-SV Grundstücks-Verwaltungs GmbH




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W-SV Grundstücks-Verwaltungs GmbH
Schafhof 38
961 03


We offer 55 kinds of glazes, 750 kinds of tiles, ledges and accessories, tiles for the replicas of historic stoves and hand-drawn tiles, fireclay, fireclay slices, flues, stove fireclay and fireclay bricks, 4R system.

Production of ceramic tiles for tile stoves and fireplaces

Production of ceramic tiles for tile stoves and fireplaces: largely custom production of ceramic tiles for tile stoves and fireplaces. Production of ceramic stove tiles, top professional quality. We also offer a supply of tile stoves, ranges, ovens or atypical fireplaces.

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